Who is Amy Schumer?

Amy Schumer 2015 MTV Movie Awards

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A celebrity standup comedian, Amy Schumer won our hearts with her performance in NBC’s Last Coming Standing.

This 33 year old has eerily crept her way into our heart with her hilarious hosting gig on NSFW’s MTV Movie Awards and with her very own show, Inside Amy Schumer.

But if you thought you knew exactly how awesome she was, think again because you’re about to have your mind blown!

Did You Know Facts #1: The Early Life

Amy Schumer was born on the 1st June, 1981. She grew up on the Upper East Side in New York. For the uninitiated who are unfamiliar with New York, it’s the posh neighborhood featured in Gossip Girls!

When she was aged nine years old, her family went bankrupt and within three years, her parents filed for divorce. In her early years, she already showed signs of her future comic greatness. She eventually went on to graduate Townson College with a theatre degree.

Trivia: Her career as a bartender and then as a waitress are little known aspects of her career.

Did You Know Facts #2: Her TV Career

Her tryst with comedy standups began in 2004 at a Club. In her stint on the NBC show, Last Comic Standing, she even placed fourth. She has made appearances in shows like Fox’s Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld, NBC’s 30 Rock, HBO’s Girls, and Comedy Central’s Reality Bites Back.

Of course, with her very own show Inside Amy Shchumer, there has been no going back for her. We heart this woman for her witty writing that is mostly self-deprecating humor, often to-the-point, and talks about what others shy away from.

Trivia: Her earliest performance was as a boy – an extra on musical drama, Newsie.

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