The First Hip-Hop Billionaire – Dr. Dre

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The Fascinating Story of the First Hip-Hop Billionaire – Dr. Dre

In 1965, in the state of California, USA was born a boy who would eventually become a legendary figure of the genre of hip-hop.

Andre Romelle Young, known to his millions of fans today as Dr. Dre today, is now a producer of records apart from being extremely accomplished singer and a businessman. He heads the companies Aftermath Entertainment as well as Beats Electronics.

Not only a success story himself, he has also been responsible for the incredible fame of household names in rap like Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Eminem, among many others. Recently having sold a trademark service that was being used by Beats Electronics to Apple for over three billion dollars has increased the singer’s net worth by a staggering amount, almost three hundred million dollars.

From Humble Beginnings

The singer has been noted to have in his possession not only an incredibly talent for hip-hop music, but also an amazing sense of business that has helped him increase wealth considerably.

A lot of artists also pursue a path of entrepreneurship along with their main career in music. One of the major reasons for this was because, during Dr. Dre’s time in the 1980s, record companies were not very willing to invest in the genre of hip-hop.

It is because of this, that it is rare to see billionaires born out of a career in music.

This is an incredible feat, considering the singer’s circumstances when he had been setting out. He was born in a Los Angeles district, Comptom, known for its horrible rates of crime.

He survived in such a beginning and even thrived, taking on the challenge of living at such an unsafe place. His birthplace in fact, is even known to have influenced the style of his music with an emphasis on bass. Not only did this help him achieve success for himself, it also enabled him to support others within whom he found talent enough to warrant his aid.

This included some of the most well-known names of these times, like Tupac Shakur.

The child Andre used to, it has been said, mixed the records at parties organized by his family. He favored the music of the Funkadelic band. By the time the boy enter his teenage years, he was already a DJ in the professional sense of the word.

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