Sandra Bullock is World’s Most Beautiful Woman!

Sandra Bullock

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World’s Most Beautiful Woman?

People’s magazine says, Sandra Bullock is the world’s most beautiful woman. Has it just been looks that the magazine has taken into account?

Well, we doubt. The magazine definitely has a broadened definition of beauty. It understands that beauty is a deeper concept that calls for celebrating achievements and rejoicing diversity.

And it’s much more than just a pretty face. World’s most beautiful woman- Sandra Bullock? Yes, why not?

Not to overlook the brainstorming part

We do not know for sure, but the decision must not have resulted from a casual tea-time staff meeting at People’s magazine.

They must have devoted endless hours talking and thinking about it before picking up the most deserving final name from a pack of divas contending from all over the world. It was their most awaited annual issue after all. The decision must have been a direct outcome of heated debates and discussions.

They must also have taken into account factors like money put into charity, popularity amongst paparazzi etc. A shift of focus from aesthetic beauty to cultural cachet must have been the driving force.

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