Hollywood’s Shortest Marriages Ever

What we’ve learned from fairytales is that all you need is one look at someone to fall in love for eternity. Moreover, romantic movies always end up with a wedding or a passionate kiss of two lovers, which reassures us that they’ll stay together forever, no matter what.

These modern day celebrity Cinderellas and Princes Charming believe so much in happily ever after that they are willing to take one, two, three or even more chances if it’s necessary.

They are ready to chase that ideal of marriage filled with love and happiness and they are prepared to try out all the options until they are truly satisfied.

This is the list of those who dared to take a leap of faith and experience the magic called marriage and failed. Enjoy these wedding fairytales which ended faster than you can imagine.

Chris Judd and Jennifer Lopez

photo credit: latino.foxnews.com

1. Chris Judd and Jennifer Lopez – 7 Months

J. Lo has it all: good looks that get better with years, music hits that unceasingly top the charts and a successful movie career. The one thing Jennifer seems to lack is luck in love.

Her love life has kept the media on toes ever since her first marriage. After divorcing from husband number one, Jennifer dated P. Diddy for a while and the couple’s romance was on the cover of every tabloid.

After three years and some law breaking which involved shooting and police, they split up and she started “dancing” with one of her backup dancers, Chris Judd. The couple got engaged after dating for a few months and soon they got married.

The second marriage of J. Lo lasted for only 8 months, being her shortest marriage so far. She had to pay up a big settlement amount to former Mr. J. Lo, but eventually, J. Lo learned that sometimes “love does cost a thing”.

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  1. Jan Ganders says:

    Sandra Bullock is NOT the most beautiful woman in the world. She is very pretty but not beautiful. Why the big deal about celebs without makeup. Have you looked in the mirror? Give these women a break. I am proud of any so called star that fesses up to some past downfalls. Give them credit for rising above what ever the downfall is. We get too much info about the celebraties of or so called people. There are too many on drugs & booze. Grow up & come down off your fanticy life.

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