Game of Thrones: The Saga Continues

Game of Thrones Cast

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Game of Thrones

is a widely-viewed television series whose fifth season is on the verge of its release. The series being derived from the celebrated novel by George R. R. Martin with the same name, owes a certain level of complexity to its parent itself, but despite this fact the series is adding more salt to the existing one.

This makes its audiences lose almost all hope to follow an episode, without being aware of the events from the previous one. And moreover it keeps on creating a complex labyrinth of an ever-increasing list of characters.

Game of Thrones: A very brief snapshot

It’s almost impossible to summarize either the complicated literary plot or the televised version of it. But for the newcomers in this domain a little synopsis is necessary to start off with.

The most crucial part to be understood is that the story is observed from mainly eight prevalent perspectives with more or less three most important themes in it:

  1. The noble family of Stark and their conspiracies to contaminate the court politics of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.
  2. The next pivotal point comes with Daenerys, a descendant of the former royal family who is brought up in another part of the world.
  3. The third narrative has Jon Snow as its protagonist. He is the illegitimate heir of Edded Stark and a sort of military officer at the Wall with the Night’s Watch to protect the civilized Seven Kingdoms from any foreign invasion.

The most entertaining plot points turn out to be the most confusing

Even the aspiration to make a TV series out of this voluminous literary work is much beyond what’s called commendable, letting alone its execution and success.

But the rapid introduction of characters and creation of ancillary storylines along with the main narrative make it almost impossible to cope with at times.

Although they cut out several portions from the original literature to fit the time frame of a TV series, the main storyline has always been streamlined in a very efficient manner, with just a few exceptions in the last season.

But these whole new sets of characters with their new stories enhance the taste of the narrative, yet at the same time perplex the audiences with their own complexities.

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