Fast & Furious Movie Franchise History

Fast & Furious

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The Fast & the Furious Franchise

is a series of high-end action films revolving around the world of illegal car racing and big-scale heists. It has spanned a number of directors including Rob Cohen, John Singleton, Justin Lin and James Wan.

Based in the United States, the film series has been shot in a number of exotic locations such as the likes of Azerbaijan and Tokyo, to name a few. It has received wide scale recognition and popularity, emerging as the biggest franchise to be produced by Universal Pictures.

The film series has a large and loyal fan base all over the globe, which grew even larger after the accidental death of one of the lead stars.

The central focus of the movie series is the world of underground car races and the consequent gang rule culture that emerges from it. The backdrop is formed by the local street teams of Los Angeles who are in constant competition with one another to become the most powerful gang.

Officer O’Conner, an inexperienced police officer, is the lead in the film series. Through the world of illegal street racing, O’ Conner tries to break through several cases and crimes, in the process getting to know Dominic Torreto, a well-known, major street racer.

The idea for the first film came from a magazine article, titled “Racer X”. It dealt with illegal street teams who would race foreign fast cars, late at night.

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