Celebs You Won’t Believe Went To Rehab

These stars are living proof that you haven’t made it in Hollywood until you’re on the first name basis with Betty Ford. Whether it is substance abuse or eating disorder, these celebrities found a courage to face their demons and seek help.

Some of them won their battles, while for some it’s still an ongoing war, but they are determined to deal with their problems and are not willing to give up.

No matter how many times they checked in, the people on this list know how hard it is to deal with addiction and that the process of recovery can be long and painful.

Most of them learned from their mistakes and they are willing to share their experience with the others. Here’s the list of 15 celebrities who didn’t say “no, no, no” to rehab.

Zac Efron

photo credit: popsugar.com

1. Zac Efron

At first glance, this “High School Musical” star has it all: good looks, a great voice, prefect acting and dancing skills that helped him become one of the biggest teen stars during the first decade of this century.

While everything was going well and career wise, and he really enjoyed his work as an actor, Zac Efron had to deal with the pressures celebrities face every day.

As soon as he came into the focus of the media, he suddenly lost his privacy and soon he was surrounded by paparazzi everywhere he went.

He resorted to drinking alcohol as a relief of the stress and pressure he was going through, but he very quickly realized that wasn’t the answer to his problems.

He checked into a private rehab facility and very soon he got sober. Today, he leads a very responsible life and he is determined to stay away from alcohol and drugs.

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