Celebs Who Have Grown Up In Poverty

No one says life is easy and the following celebrities can confirmed that from their firsthand experience. Although they are now among the richest people in the world, their early days were marked by poverty.

However, they didn’t focus on the things they didn’t have, but rather on the things they would like to achieve. They are a living proof that nobody should waste time on despair and whining.

By working hard and with a little bit of luck, everything is possible in life.

Sarah Jessica Parker

photo credit: variety.com

1. Sarah Jessica Parker

Before this Cinderella found her perfect pair of Manalo Blahnik shoes, she had to wear some hand-me-down ones from her older siblings.

Growing up hasn’t been a fairytale for Sara Jessica Parker. In some of her interviews she recalls the tough time growing up Nelsonville, Ohio, in a family that celebrated Christmas and birthdays occasionally.

There were times when Sarah’s family would stay without electricity and the phone because they couldn’t pay the bills. But life made a dramatic turn when Sarah started getting her first roles.

Her charm and talent captivated producers and audiences, which helped her become an international star. Her biggest breakthrough was on TV series “Sex and the City”, which help her increase her net worth to more than $90 million.

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