Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters

The world of stardom can often be a cruel place. Celebrities are under tremendous pressure to meet certain standards set by an industry obsessed with physical appearance with its own distinctive concept of the ideal physical attributes.

Thus, they must always look attractive and attractive almost invariably translates to looking young and vibrant, regardless of their age.

Some celebrities reject the idea of aging gracefully, afraid of the idea that they might disappear into obscurity, and start their quest for the secret behind eternal youth.

They often resort to plastic surgery, which does not always work out in their favor. Following are a few celebs who “went under the knife,” only to come out of the operating room as victims of the worst plastic surgeries ever!

Lil’ Kim

photo credit: plasticsurgeriess.com

1. Lil’ Kim

Once upon a time, P-Diddy refused to sign Lil’ Kim since he didn’t’ believe that a female rapper could reach the platinum status.

In the meantime, she became very successful, but the musician is now as known for her various plastic surgeries as she is for her rapping, with a new look every time she releases a new album.

Sadly, she has completely changed her looks, and not for the better. One of the procedures that drew a huge amount of public criticism was her decision to lighten the color of her skin, something that has always been frowned upon.

Among numerous surgical procedures, the hard-core rapper has done rhinoplasty (a nose job) to make her nostrils narrower, changed her jaw line and filled the cheeks with implants, while her eyelids have been also operated on and they look puffier than ever, providing her with a more Asian-like look.

Well, at least she has succeeded in becoming utterly unrecognizable.

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