Celebrities With Insanely High Paychecks

“Clothes make a man”, fans make a celebrity. Without our love and dedication, celebrities won’t be as popular and successful as they are, let alone wealthy.

Fans often dedicate entire ‘fandoms’ to the celebrities or bands or television shows of their choice, such as ‘Trekkies’ for the Star Trek fandom, ‘Whovians’ for the Doctor Who fandom, Potterheads for the Harry Potter fandom and many more.

As we pay to see them and to listen to them, our support and abiding love is expressed in the amount of money we spend, making them incredibly rich and powerful.

However, many celebrities use their fame and spend their money for a worthy cause. These are the highest grossing celebrities.

Dr. Dre

photo credit: beattips.com

1. Dr. Dre

The rapper, entrepreneur and a record producer, Dr. Dre, is known for overseeing the careers of now immensely popular rap artists like Eminem, 50 Cent and even Snoop Dogg. He has also won a total of six Grammy Awards, including one for ‘Producer of the Year’.

Along with being the founder and current CEO of the record label Aftermath Entertainment, he co-founded Beats Electronics, a company producing audio products, which Apple purchased last year for a whopping 3 billion US dollars.

Forbes magazine ranked him as the second richest among the American hip-hop performers, with a net worth of 550 million US dollars.

After the sale of Beats Electronics, the father of five made a massive annual income of 620 million US dollars, thus putting him on the top of every highest grossing list, while the others were left in the dust with an average difference of 450 million in their earnings when compared to Dr. Dre.

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  1. amelia luciano says:

    One of the best young stars is Leonardo DiCaprio. His work is pure quality and yet he never wins an Oscar, while others are a one-hit wonder. I don’t think he ever will because he is very handsome and is not a partier in Hollywood. You have to P.R. heavily with your peers and he seems to have a life outside of Hollywood. Also, great humanitarium and walks the talk. I hope I get to see him win once. He deserves it. It started with Gilbert Grape which I thought his performance was beyond outstanding. Then Blue Diamond and other fantastic performances. When there are conversations about actors in any social group I am involved with, his name comes up as a first class actor.

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