Celebrities Who’ve Been Caught Shoplifting

What is left for you to do when you are famous and rich enough to have almost anything? Some celebrities are satisfied with the situation the way it is and they enjoy the perks of their status.

They may, for example, take their entire entourage and go to a party in the Bahamas or Saint Trope. Some of them might decide to add some thrill to their “boring” Hollywood lives and go for a shopping spree around Rodeo Drive, without their wallet.

Why on earth would someone whose wallet is filled with cash ever go around putting their good name at risk by attempting petty theft? In case you wonder, we have no clue either, but we are here to present you a gang of celebrities with sticky fingers.

Here’s the list of 15 criminals from the walk of fame.

Megan Fox

photo credit: moviepilot.com

1. Megan Fox

The former “Transformers” star is apparently banned from entering Wal-Mart in Florida, where she was caught shoplifting a lip gloss in her teenage years.

Fox denied it first, but when she was confronted by the mall security threatening to call the cops, she confessed that she had attempted to steal the $7 tube.

The incident took place long before Megan Fox became a part of the movie industry and a famous actress. It turned out that Megan was very fond of going to local stores and stealing small things and inexpensive merchandise.

She had been doing it for quite a while, until the infamous incident in Wal-Mart. After that, she swore that she would never steal another thing in her life again.

Since there’s no any recent mugshot of her, we believe that she’s kept her promise. Her sins from the days when she was young are all forgotten and forgiven.

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  1. Bucky Ray says:

    Why do Beautiful women have all that crap done to their faces, and end up looking like hags ? ? ?
    if they just want to get rid of their money, , , “Send it to me” ! ! ! !

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