Celebrities Who Were Kicked Out of High School

No one can deny the importance of formal education. However, good looks and artistic talent are not enough to secure high school diplomas, which is something that the celebs on our list know firsthand.

Even though they were once expelled from high school, they still managed just fine and they have made oodles of money and a name for themselves.

Most of these future celebrities at least had their artistic talents to fall back upon when it became clear that they wouldn’t get a chance to dazzle the world with their academic prowess.

While some of them were expelled for getting into fights with fellow schoolmates, others had more serious reasons.

Read the following list to find out who did what to get chucked out of high school.

Salma Hayek

photo credit: famefacts.com

1. Salma Hayek

This exceptional Mexican actress, famous for the movies like “Desperado”, “From Dusk Till Dawn” and “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”, had her share of problems as a kid.

She suffered from minute dyslexia, attention deficient hyperactivity disorder and hyperactivity. However, these weren’t the reasons why she was expelled from high school. In her own words, she was a fast learner and nobody in her school realized she had dyslexia.

Since she was raised in a devoutly Catholic family, she was sent to a convent school in Louisiana. Our “rebelde” had a knack for pulling pranks on the nuns at her school and she was sent home after two years.

Nevertheless, she likes to clarify that, even though she is not a devout Catholic anymore, her faith in Jesus the Savior is still unshaken. Hayek is the first Latin actress nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in “Frida”.

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