Celebrities Who Survived Child Abuse

Child abuse is a serious problem plaguing our world, one that not only has grave effects on the child in question but also massive repercussions when the child becomes an adult.

It may leave a person scarred for life, but sadly, it is far too common and can happen to anyone. Whether sexual, physical, mental, or otherwise, any form of abuse on a child is a heinous crime and there are many survivors with harrowing but sometimes inspiring stories to tell of how they were abused and how some of them managed to break out of that circle of abuse.

These celebrities, by facing and surviving child abuse and then bravely opening up about it to the media, alongside often running charities and other organizations to help other survivors, have brought this grave issue into the limelight and serve as sources of inspiration for millions more going through similar trials and tribulations.

Oprah Winfrey

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Oprah Winfrey

The TV show host and queen of media, who serves as an inspiration to many through her empowering talk show and philanthropy, suffered severe sexual and physical abuse as a child from the ages of 9 to 14 by her 19 year old cousin as well as a family friend. She was raped at 9 and was molested continuously from 10 to 14.

She also lived under an atmosphere of constant domestic violence. She recently opened up about her experiences in an interview to fellow talk show host David Letterman. As with her other efforts, her recovery after such brutal abuse and subsequent success in life stands as a highly inspirational story.

She went on to find rousing success as the host of several shows, actress, and media mogul. She enjoys a healthy life now with longtime partner Steadman Graham and offers support and help to other survivors through her philanthropic missions and her talk shows.

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