Celebrities Who Inflicted Injury Upon Themselves

We might think of them as the luckiest and most perfect people on the planet, but in reality, celebrities are just ordinary humans with all their virtues and flaws.

The following celebrities are the proof that fame and fortune cannot buy love and happiness. These famous people show us that being in the spotlight can be rather stressful sometimes and not so glamorous at all.

From substance abuse to intentionally harming themselves, these movie and music stars chose self-harming as a way to deal with their inner pain and insecurities.

Some of them managed to leave the vicious circle of self-abuse and continued having normal lives; some of them didn’t. One thing is certain: they all admit that self-abuse is a very serious problem and that it can have serious consequences for one’s life. This is the list of those who tried to cut their pain away.

Johnny Depp

photo credit: collider.com

1. Johnny Depp

He is undoubtedly one of the biggest movie stars in the world and number one on the list of the Hollywood’s most bankable stars.

From Edward Scissorhands to Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp never ceases to amaze the audience every time he appears on the big screen.

Unlike his current life of an international star, his childhood wasn’t that happy or carefree, but rather filled with insecurities, self-doubt and poverty. He admitted in some of the interviews that he had used to cut himself in order to mark certain important moments in his life.

Whether it was something good or bad that happened to him, Johnny would intentionally hurt himself in order to feel the moment and have a scar that would remind him of it.

He stopped with the practice while ago, but marks on his left forearm have stayed as a reminder of the tough period of his life and the pain he was going through.

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