Celebrities Who Have Been Charged With Murder

Some celebs become popular for their skills and some other for their crimes.

But there exists another category of celebs who belong in the intersection of these two. This list tries to capture some of those, who have been charged with murder! Some folks tend to be cool about these heinous acts while others are deeply traumatized after committing these crimes.

American film industry provides its audiences with a very normal and cold-hearted picture of murders. But reality speaks quite differently, where conscience and instincts collide at the court rooms. Some people planned to take revenge, whereas some committed just out of delirium and psychological disorders.

But most of the time, the targets are the spouses or romantic partners—a phenomenon which shakes the base of humanity! Though some cases are yet to be proven, the whirling gossips around them cannot be stopped by the judgment bells:

Mark Wahlberg

photo credit: popsugar.com

Mark Wahlberg

The famous model, actor, rapper and producer Mark Wahlberg is gossiped frequently to have attempted murder when he was just a kid of sweet sixteen.

He is said to have hit two Vietnamese men using various kinds of instruments as well as screaming and verbally abusing them, making racial comments.

He even got one of the men blinded. He was arrested and a judgment came out asking him to serve an imprisonment for a period of forty five days.

He went through a very tough time watching siblings go to prison. He had three brothers and one sister who had attended jail numerous times.

He was scared to spend his whole life in prison until a parish priest showed him a brighter way. But he takes all the responsibilities for his own decisions and though he regrets his association with crime till date, but is never going to blame his upbringing for that.

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