Celebrities Who Have Been Attacked By Fans

Celebrities are only as big and important as their fandom is. Without an audience, there is no popularity. Still, every now and then, there comes along an over-excited fan who takes a step too far and justifies the highly paid presence of stars’ bodyguards.

And it isn’t always the admiration for a celeb that drives a fan to overstep the boundaries; sometimes it may even be spite or a spur of the moment that makes them step on stage or on the red carpet to get closer to the stars.

Here’s a list of the celebrities who had much too close encounters with their fans and the stories about their attacks.

Justin Bieber

photo credit: independent.co.uk

1. Justin Bieber

The international pop mega star, Justin Bieber, has stolen the hearts of teen girls throughout the world. So you think it must have been a teenage girl with acne and braces who got carried away by the sight of him and decided to express her feelings by attacking him.

You are so wrong! It was a 19-year-old male fan, desperate to meet his idol, who managed to storm onstage during Bieber’s performance in Dubai in 2013, as part of his international Believe Tour.

While the singer was performing a song, the crazed fan took him by surprise and grabbed him from behind. The pop star successfully freed himself and moved away to the other side of the stage, while the security was restraining the offender.

Though he was evidently shaken by the incident, Bieber carried on with the concert after a three-minute break. You may not be a fan, but it must be admitted that he is a committed professional.

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