Celebrities Who Have Battled Eating Disorders

It isn’t easy to be a celebrity. All the fame and glory come with the pressures of constantly being in shape and maintaining the perfect figure.

Since the “perfect” figure these days is equal to being almost stick-thin, eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia, are widespread among the famous and they are often quite serious indeed.

And so the tales of celebs with eating disorders gone rampant are everywhere. Overeating and purging, or just plain overstressing, is often the preferred short term method for them to “get into shape”, thus setting a bad example to girls and women who aspire to look like their idols.

Many of those celebrities have had problematic childhoods themselves, or other traumatic experiences in life which may have pushed them over the edge. Here are 15 of the most famous recent cases.

Christina Ricci

photo credit: celebritieswitheatingdisorders.info

1. Christina Ricci

The “Addams Family” star is among those who gave in to the pressure on Hollywood actresses to be thin. In her teens, she used to starve herself to get fit and she eventually developed anorexia.

That was her attempt to get rid of the breasts, since she felt uncomfortable with her body and she didn’t want to stand out from her peers.

She has frequently emphasized that she was influenced by TV as a teen, thinking that anorexia is a “cool” idea at the time when she began dieting. After a lot of struggle and with the help of a psychiatrist, she finally got rid of her habits, realizing the dangers involved.

However, she had another hiccup to deal with when the news of her condition was leaked while she was recovering. She was furious and hurt at the same time, and she vowed to be frank about her life in the future.

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