Celebrities Who Dropped Out of College

These celebrities knew how to use their time and grab an opportunity. They weren’t afraid to take risks and gamble with their future and their student loans. They followed their hearts and discovered their passions.

Their lives serve as examples that no dream is too big or unreachable. It’s either healthy amount of self-esteem or unhealthy dose of lucidity that has brought these people to where they are now.

Few things are certain, though: you need to set a goal and you need to run to it without turning back, hoping that you have luck on your side.

These college dropouts have showed that you don’t need a university degree to make it and that leaving school doesn’t necessarily lead to an uncertain future.

Read our list to get inspired.

Michael Fassbender

photo credit: variety.com

1. Michael Fassbender

He realized his love for acting when his teacher offered him a part in a school play.

Once he got on stage, he knew that acting would be his profession no matter what. After he graduated from high school he enrolled at the Drama Center London where he studied acting until 1999, when he dropped out and joined Oxford Stage Company.

But his international breakthrough happened when he got the role of Stelios, a Spartan warrior, in the movie “300”. From that moment on, his rise to the stars was unstoppable.

He appeared in the movies such as “Hunger”, “Inglorious Basters”, “X-Men: First Class” and “Prometheus”. But his appearance in “12 Years a Slave” has proved what a talented and versatile actor he is.

He got Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations for his role in that movie. He might be a star but he still lives in his modest apartment in East London, where he has resided since 1996.

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  1. Dennis Spirgen says:

    Yes, if you are incredibly gifted and talented in a non-academic area, like sports, music or acting, you probably can skip college and go straight to making gobs of money. For the rest of us, though, suggesting that “following your passion” is enough, without an education, is just ignorant.

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